The treasures of the Flying Heritage Collection are presented within the social, political, technological and economic context of their time, from an international perspective.

For each nation involved in world conflicts, designing and delivering a mighty air fleet wasn't all that was needed to fight the enemy. Sacrifices were also made by the general citizens, who had to ration or forego domestic goods – metal, cloth, gasoline, food – to equip their armies.

While the Flying Heritage Collection showcases the spectacular warbirds and technologies of 1935-45, its exhibits also shine a light on the humanity at the homefronts.

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Mustangs and Merlins: Celebrating 75 Years of the P-51
12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Join author and FHC Curator Cory Graff as he discusses the history of one of America’s most iconic warbirds and his new book, P-51 Mustang: Seventy-Five Years of America's Most Famous Warbird. Some 75 years ago, North American Aviation (a company that had never built a fighter before) took to the skies with a plane that would change the outcome of World War II. The P-51 Mustang was the workhorse of the Second World War and Korea, the king of high-performance race planes, and today they are valued museum pieces.

Regular admission allows visitors to attend the lecture and book-signing. Visitor who purchase Mr. Graff's newest book during the event will be allowed to step behind the FHC's barriers and examine a combat-veteran P-51D Mustang up close. Shoot a selfie next to the aircraft, climb up to look into the cockpit and examine the uncowled large 1,500 horsepower Packard Merlin engine. FHC staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer all your Mustang-related questions at this once in a lifetime event!