The painstaking process of restoring the Flying Heritage Collection's aircraft sets them apart from all other aviation artifacts, each restored to a level of authenticity never attempted before. FHC's team exhaustively researches and seeks out original vendors to reconstruct materials and components that have become obsolete. From cotton-coated wiring and lacquer and enamel paint to vintage cockpit furnishings and original radios that still operate, these planes are as authentic as is possible.

Careful examination of long-lost or overlooked factory drawings and specifications have also been resurrected for Flying Heritage Collection restorations, resulting in highly accurate specimens. FHC also explores more ephemeral historical elements that are easily lost to time, such as the innovation, manufacturing techniques, and teamwork that went into each aircraft.

Finally, each plane's individual history – manufacturing, deployment, combat, post-war activities, locations and repairs – is also comprehensively researched and archived, so that the artifact's story is left to posterity as well as its airframe.

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