Hawker Hurricane Mk.XIIA

Place in history: Because of its simplicity and adaptability, the Hurricane would serve in every major theater of air warfare in WWII. Which British fighter won the battle of Britain? The Supermarine Spitfire is more famous, but the Hurricane destroyed more enemy aircraft. However, the Hurricanes were sent more against sluggish bombers, while the Spitfires often took on the more agile fighters. Historians still debate which aircraft was more important to victory.

This aircraft: Manufactured in Canada and delivered to the Royal Canadian Air Force on January 22, 1942, this plane did not see combat. It was recovered from a farm in Ontario, Canada. The Hurricane is an "in-betweener:" a single-winged aircraft that used biplane technologies, including very tight engineering tolerances, relatively exotic materials and long-forgotten construction techniques. In order to restore this airplane, Hawker restorations had to manufacture specialized steels and tooling.

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