Why War Exhibit
Why War: The Causes of Conflict is the newest exhibit to join the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum. Through a unique and highly interactive, media-rich experience, the exhibit explores the roots of military confrontations throughout our nation's history.

Full-scaled, detailed replicas, rare historical artifacts and dynamic large-scale touchscreens give visitors a new way to explore history and examine conflict through the lenses of key figures, technology, and pop culture to demonstrate the common causes of war.


Exhibit Features

The interactive features of the exhibit allow families, community groups, and school classes choose how they want to explore this complex topic.

Data Visualization Wall
Eight 98-inch large-scale touchscreens allow visitors to explore and discover the causes, setting, events, and icons of major American conflicts throughout history.

Nuclear Heat Map
With an interactive touchscreen, visitors can explore and learn how nuclear weapons have grown over time.

Conflict Simulator Command Station
Visitors don't just get to explore history, they get to take on the role of a world leader. With four interactive screens, visitors are placed in world-changing situations and asked to make critical choices.

Chronicles of War
Visitors can gain a real understanding of the impact war had on soldiers, women and children, by interacting with six touchscreens, each telling a story of the people who were involved in war.

Atomic Bombs
Full-scale detailed replicas of Fat Man and Little Boy, the two bombs dropped on Japan to end World War II, challenge visitors to examine their perceptions of utility of these weapons.

The Manhatten Project: The Birth of the Atomic Bomb by Its Creators, Eyewitnesses, and Historians
by Cynthia C. Kelly

Book_TheManhattenProject.jpgBorn out of a small research program that began in 1939, the Manhattan Project brought together the cream of the scientific community and the military to create and perfect a weapon more powerful than any the world had known.

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