School Programs

FHCAM provides various resources and curriculum for teachers, school groups, and home school students, either as a way to enhance an FHCAM tour or as an individual learning experience.


Classroom Tours

FHCAM can easily accommodate school groups for educational tours. Tours are available during standard FHCAM operating hours. Large (30+ groups should provide at least one month notice to help us optimize your experience.


Exhibits and Curriculum

Chronicles of Courage: Stories of Wartime and Innovation

Chronicles of Courage

A groundbreaking project more than 15 years in the making, Chronicles of Courage is one of the largest oral history video archives on war and aviation ever created.

Learn about WWII from the people that experienced it with 330+ interviews from veterans around the world. In addition, 20 short form, subject specific videos examine the technological innovations of WWII. Each of these short form videos has associated curricula.


Why War: The Causes of Conflict

Why War: The Causes of Conflict

Why War: The Causes of Conflict delves into the various causes, moments, and factors that can bring nations into devastating conflict. Built with Washington state education standards in mind and ideally suited for a middle or high school social studies class, Why War uses multimedia content to provide an enriching, interactive experience for students of all ages.

In addition, ten Why War curricula modules are available to prepare students for a visit to this exhibit.